Knowledgeable Sales Staff

A successful estimate starts and ends with our professional sales staff. We review your plans and requirements to begin the process of developing a comprehensive job estimate. Estimates may include a lumber list, windows, doors, siding, trim and millwork. You decide which packages you require to include in the bid.

The Estimating Process

When you ask for an estimate, we will work with you to prepare an intake form to verify which packages you wish to receive. You can choose from two different levels of detail:

  • The standard takeoff includes framing lumber and plan view structural hardware only.

  • The customized takeoff includes framing lumber and plan view hardware as well as your choice of various additional components including siding, roofing, exterior and interior trim, insulation, sheetrock and more.

To learn more about takeoffs and for pricing please contact a Kingsley Lumber & Hardware sales representative.

OR CALL 231-354-2185

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